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Jasmine Kara started her career as a subway and street performer at the age of 18, when she went to New York on her own, knocking door to door at different record labels trying to get a record deal. 

Since Jasmine Kara's career took off, she has frequently appeared in the Swedish media, performed at the biggest TV shows in Sweden, recieved P3 Radio gold nominations, performed at the Swedish Grammy Awards, had several play-listed songs on the radio, she has been featured in the biggest magazines, and performed and toured all over Sweden and several European countries. Most of these accomplishments occurred as an independent artist without a label, without management and without a touring agent. 

Jasmine has also toured twice in Japan, had two songs on Tokyo Hot 100 list (top 10), she’s made herself a known name in the Iranian market in front of millions of TV viewers and audiences through some of the biggest TV shows in Iran such as “Sinah Valiollah” Show on MBC Persia, “Shabe Jomeh” and “Echo” on Manoto TV singing in Farsi, and she has released music in Spanish as well.

In the UK, Jasmine charted Top1 and Top5 at the same time on iTunes Blues list UK where she also toured and did radio shows for the BBC 2, BBC 6 and at the Sir Terry Wogan show.

Jasmine also has a successful songwriting career. She’s had the opportunity to write  for other artists such as K-pop bands, WayV and SuperM that both hit number one on the world’s most sold album lists on iTunes as well as a number 1 on Billboard. She has also released a book called “Hälsa henne att hon ska dö” (“Tell Her She’s Dead” in English)  about her life and her destructive relationship that led her to finding her calling to do music. The book was sold out twice. Her next book is being released on November 1 this year (2022) called “Den Mörka Scenen” (The dark stage) through the Swedish book publisher Lind&Co.

Now, Jasmine mostly releases songs in Swedish.
The first two singles in Swedish "Du Var För Bra" and "Jag Skiter I Allt"  both written by Jasmine herself, Peter Kvint and Albin Lee Meldau, were released in the end of 2021.
"Ta Mitt Hjärta" (2022) is currently playlisted on p4 Swedish radio all over Sweden.

The newest single “JA” (Yeah) just dropped, also written together with Peter Kvint.




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